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Hello and again welcome to 'Dudley's Website'. Here you will find links to all the websites I have published on the internet. They are all different in content and will give you a varity of information that I hope will entertain you and educate you as well.
Go to 'Links to Dudley's Web Sites'
page, there you will find a brief description as to what is on each site, plus a link to the site you choose to visit.
I also have links to websites I am currently working on, you may find these sites on the Links to 'Dudley's New Web Sites'
You can also access these pages by the 'Site Map' links, at the top of each page.
I hope you will be able to visit them all.

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To aid you in returning here to my main site, there will be "Shield-Links" at the bottom portion of each home page that you may click-on to return here.

Samples of what these links look like are shown below.

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' Visit Dudley's Web Sites '

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I want to thank you for visiting 'Dudley's Websites' and hope you have enjoyed your visit here and will return often.
I will be adding new sites in the upcoming months, so please keep checking back.
Also, before you go, please sign my guestbook and leave your comments there, good or bad. This will let me know what you think of these web sites so, I may make them better for your enjoyment and education.
It will also let me know that you have been here.
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Thanks Dudley

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